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FortiGate Cloud-Native Firewall (CNF) protects your AWS workloads from threats including malware, data exfiltration, and communications with malicious IP addresses. Get a full-scale evaluation with a test drive.

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Stay Ahead of Critical Threats

Combine the best of both worlds: deep security expertise and easy to use on-demand cloud technology. FortiGate CNF automatically scales protection to meet the dynamic demands of your cloud environments, preventing threats in critical use cases, including:



Prevent unintentional downloads from intentional traffic.

Data exfiltration

Data Exfiltration

Inspect outbound traffic to prevent theft of sensitive information.

Compliance Violations

Compliance Violations

Stop unauthorized communications with restricted entities and regions.



Block communications to botnet command and control servers.

Crypto Mining


Prevent connections that exploit cloud resources for cryptomining.

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Threat Mitigation for Cloud Environments

As more companies move to the cloud, they’ll face new obstacles. Fortinet and AWS bring together the best of both worlds—deep security expertise and leading-edge cloud technology—in a simple-to-manage and easy-to-consume service. Learn about the capabilities and technical features.

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Safeguard Your AWS Environment With Robust, Scalable Cloud Security

Outbound Traffic Inspection

Outbound Traffic

Content inspection of outgoing traffic from AWS workloads to the internet.

Inbound Traffic Protection

Inbound Traffic

Deep visibility into incoming traffic and advanced security measures to protect AWS workloads.

Traffic Filtering

East-West Traffic

Inspection and control of traffic between AWS VPCs and preventing the lateral spread of threats.

Network Protection for AWS VPCs

Cloud-Only or Hybrid-Cloud Management

Deep Integration With AWS Services

Comprehensive Security for AWS in 3 Easy Steps

Get a full-scale evaluation of all FortiGate CNF for AWS security capabilities with a test drive. See for yourself how easy it is to deploy enterprise-grade security, simplicity, and flexibility with a cloud-delivered firewall service.


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