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Organizational risks are ever-evolving, and attackers are becoming more sophisticated every day.

It's critical to take
a proactive approach.


experienced an attack in the past 12 months

1 in 4

experienced zero-day exploits that took advantage of unknown vulnerabilities


experienced malware moving laterally to cloud workloads

Source: Looking to Modernize Security on Public Clouds?, Enterprise Strategy Group, 2022

Fortinet delivers always-innovative, high-performance cloud security solutions to address risks just like these.

We keep pace with your organization, to meet its needs across teams like DevSecOps, so you can get to market faster, and drive better outcomes--like giving customers the best tools for managing their financial needs.

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Secure and seamless management

AI and automation for real-time threat detection and mitigation

Visibility across cloud environments

Integrations with providers like AWS

See cloud security clearly

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